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About Optical World

OpticalWorld.com is an authorized dealer of the top brand names in designer eyewear including Ray-Ban, Gucci sunglasses and glasses, Armani eyeglasses, Prada eyewear, Persol sunglasses, Michael Kors eyeglasses, Hugo Boss and much more. So what makes us different?

Simple. We Don't Charge For Prescription Lenses.

When you go to the store to buy a new pair of prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses, you're actually paying twice. First you're buying the frames, then you're paying for the prescription lenses, often times costing upwards of $200 depending on the lenses and the quality. While we offer the same high quality polycarbonate anti-reflective lenses as the stores, we will never charge you for the lenses or to process your prescription. Shop designer prescription glasses and prescription glasses with free polycarbonate lenses at OpticalWorld.com